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Masternodes and Passive Income

INDX OPINIONS - What Our Investors Say About Us!

At INDX we always enjoy hearing what our investors and potential investors think about the project and what excites them about it. To get a more in-depth idea we sat down with one of our earliest investors to find out what made him invest in INDX, how he found the investment process, and, crucially, what he thinks of the team.

INDX Expands Crypto Passive Income Token into Staking and DPoS

Alongside profits from Masternodes, INDX token holders will now receive immediate passive income from the best Staking and DPoS assets included in the portfolio.

The INDX Dashboard at a Glance

The INDX dashboard is the nerve centre for our investors by aggregating information about the fund, the token and most importantly their investment.

How to invest in INDX through Swarm

How to create your investor pass

INDX Top 10 Crypto Staking Tokens

The simple way to passive income in a complex market

Discover what the INDX Token can do for the most experienced and inexperienced crypto investors.

INDX Traditional Vs Crypto Passive Income Report

How emerging digital forms of passive income stack up against the traditional ones

A word from our CEO

The challenge in this strange new world is to find a low-risk entry point works that has the highest potential. How can you invest in crypto safely and still maximise returns?

Why is Masternode selection important?

There are a rapidly expanding number of Masternode propositions, each with its own pros and cons, and deciding which one should receive time and investment can be daunting.

INDX Top 10 Masternodes

As part of their investment strategy INDX has completed an exhaustive review of every masternode project currently active and arrived at a list of the TOP 10 MASTERNODES that will form the foundation of their portfolio.

What is a Masternode?

There is a lot of talk about Masternodes at the moment, and we think there's going to be a lot more over the next couple of years

INDX: maybe not exciting, certainly interesting

Do Masternodes herald the spring for crypto-currencies?