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The INDX STO for Artemis was succesfully closed in October 2019. For updates and information on future investment opportunities please join our mailing list

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STO Whitepaper

The STO Whitepaper outlines the INDX business proposition, the Masternode portfolio, the valuation and acquisition process and all underlying token mechanisms.

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N.B. This document was produced for institutional and/or accredited investors for the INDX STO and should not be relied on for future investments.


INDX is the pre-eminent Masternode investment token. Own INDX to receive a regular passive income. An award-winning, VC-led, asset-backed and regulatory-compliant STO, fully tradable on exchanges, giving investors liquidity with zero exit fees.

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Iconic Lab DD Report

Iconic Lab conducted an independent study of INDX and compiled this Due Diligence Report to share their findings and to express their assessment of the unique value offering of INDX.

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